Parity Technologies Presents Polkadot’s Roadmap

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Parity Technologies, the organization associated with the Polkadot blockchain, has just published an overview of the project’s roadmap.

According to the document, the team is preparing the first set of major consensus protocol optimizations since its launch in December.

The developers have focused on categories such as scalability, parachain enhancement and connectivity, relay chain management, staking, and bridges to other ecosystems.

For example, asynchronous backup will reduce the block formation time from 12 to 6 seconds, which will speed up the finalization of transactions on parachains.

Another innovation will be parathreads – pay-as-you-go parachains, a solution that will allow developers not to wait for the parachain auction, upload the project code to the Relay Chain and launch several collators.

We also have the XCM messaging system, which will be updated to the third iteration, providing additional functionality to contracts and applications deployed on parachains.

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