Peter Schiff: Michael Saylor is Pumping Bitcoin

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Gold advocate Peter Schiff has criticized former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and CNBC for advertising Bitcoin.

The investor has said that they are pumping BTC. He has recalled the SEC has recently fined model Kim Kardashian for illegally promoting the altcoin EthereumMax (EMAX).

According to Schiff, the regulator should pay attention to completely different influencers.

He has written:

“The SEC is fining Kim Kardashian $1.2 million for pumping crypto. What about the real pumpers? Saylor had much more to gain pumping crypto than Kim. Or CNBC paid millions for ads by crypto companies, then pumping Bitcoin non-stop while providing industry pumpers with airtime?”

Saylor has countered by saying that Bitcoin is a commodity, not a security, and its advertising is as legal as promoting “steel, aluminum, concrete, glass or granite.”

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