JPMorgan: 13% of US Citizens Have Transferred Funds to a Crypto-related Account

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According to a study carried out by JPMorgan, the proportion of US adults who have ever transferred funds to a crypto-related account has increased from 3% before 2020 to 13% as of June 2022.

The company specialists have analyzed a sample of 5 million accounts with a monthly transaction volume of at least $1,000 and have identified transfers of funds to and from crypto platforms.

According to them, the majority of retail users first invested in digital assets at the peak of prices. They have noted that this behavior correlates with traditional markets.

The inflow of money from retail investors into crypto accounts has far exceeded the outflow from them over the past few years. The movement of funds became more balanced against the background of the market decline in the first 6 months of the year.

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