Crypto Lending Platform Celsius Network Asks Court to Extend Deadline for Filing Claims by Creditors

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Crypto lending platform Celsius Network has recently asked the court to extend the deadline for filing claims by creditors.

The company wants to move the current established deadline for filing claims (January 3, 2023) to the beginning of February. The court will consider the petition on January 10, meaning that the de facto deadline has already been extended to that date.

Users seem to be dissatisfied with the delay in the time of the proceedings and the growing costs of it:

“Extend again, delay the process to extract more money from creditors. Give us back the coins and close the business.”

Another investor has said:

“People have had enough time to file a lawsuit. It’s you, the side that’s running out of time. You want to renew so you can spend more of our money!”

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