MarketAcross to Participate in BuildingBlocks During ETH TLV Week in Tel-Aviv Next Month

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Web3 builder-focused event Building Blocks 23, which will bring together Ethereum devs and communities, is scheduled to be hosted in Tel Aviv on February 7 during the ETH TLV week.

As part of the event, multiple workshops, panel discussions and informal events will take place. The organizers, Collider, Fireblocks and MarketAcross, will give delegates tips on how to create successful web3 business.

Fireblocks CTO and co-founder Idan Ofrat has said:

“On the global stage, Tel Aviv plays an out-sized role in innovative startups with proven track records. With the emergence of web3, we are excited to co-host Building Blocks 23 and to support the city’s forward-thinking startup culture, bringing together the best collective experiences and insights that the country has to offer.”

The lessons, mistakes, and success stories of web3 builders will turn the event into a source of invaluable knowledge for newcomers in the industry.

Some of the topics covered during the event include fundraising, finding product market fit, building a security-first organization, growing a community as well as building teams and culture in a distributed setting.

MarketAcross COO Itai Elizur has commented:

“Israel has always been a builders’ hub. Innovation is part of our DNA. Naturally, the narrative has shifted from Israel being a startup nation to a web3 nation. Tel Aviv is an ideal host as it continues to be a tech engine for a top-notch community of developers.”

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