Hacker Who Hacked Cross-chain Protocol Wormhole Moves $157M in Assets

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The attacker who stole more than $319 million from cross-chain protocol Wormhole in February has began moving assets.

According to a Twitter user, the hacker has exchanged 95,677 ETH through DEX aggregator OpenOcean for a “wrapped version” of stETH from the Lido protocol.

He has then converted the assets to wstETH tokens compatible with DeFi trading platforms. He has used the funds as collateral to borrow several amounts in the DAI stablecoin on the MakerDAO platform. He has then converted some of the coins back into ETH via KyberNetwork.

The activity of the hacker has affected the price of stETH, which has exceeded the price of the underlying asset.

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