Blur CEO Urges NFT Creators to Boycott Competitor OpenSea

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Pacman, the head of NFT marketplace Blur, has called on the creators of non-fungible tokens to ignore competitor OpenSea and place collections on the NFT marketplace he supervises.

The initiative arose in response to the actions of a competitor. In November last year, OpenSea introduced an on-chain reward collection tool for new collections. The code in the smart contract restricted NFT sales to marketplaces that charge fees to creators.

At the moment, NFT creators cannot receive royalties on Blur and OpenSea at the same time due to the peculiarities of marketplace policies.

Pacman has introduced several different scenarios, including the lack of blocking, the Blur blocking, the blocking of OpenSea and “peace” between the two platforms in the event that a competitor abandons the current policy of charging remuneration for subsequent sales.

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