KyberSwap to Launch Farming Pools for ARB Tokens

Reading Time: < 1 minute

KyberSwap, a non-custodial exchange, will launch liquidity mining pools and rewards for ARB token traders. A total of 70,000 KNC tokens will be allocated for the following trading pairs: ARB/ETH (2%), ARB/ETH (5%), ARB/USDT (2%), ARB/USDT (2%), and ARB/KNC (5%).

Users who made transactions on the Arbitrum testnet were eligible for an airdrop. Victor Tran, CEO and founder of KyberSwap, has said that the launch of liquidity mining pools was just the beginning of an extensive Arbitrum-focused campaign and that additional rewards and events would soon be announced for both liquidity pools and traders.

In addition, users will be able to set their own prices and exchange ARB at optimized rates through the exchange aggregator. KyberSwap also plans to introduce additional rewards, such as ARB and KNC airdrops and non-fungible tokens.

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