Major Crypto Exchanges Announce Listing of SUI Token

Reading Time: < 1 minute

KuCoin will launch on April 22 a token sale using a subscription mechanism, which will allow members of the Sui Network ecosystem to purchase up to 1500 SUI at the price of 0.1 USDT. 16,666 tickets will be selected for this sale.

Additionally, users can qualify for up to 10,000 SUI by obtaining lottery tickets; 22,500 winners will be chosen.

OKX will open SUI trading on April 20, offering 225 million SUI at $0.1 per coin. To enable equitable distribution, there will be 2.25 million tickets in total, each allowing users to buy up to 100 SUI, with one user not able to win more than 100 tickets.

Lastly, Bybit will distribute the right to purchase SUI at $0.03 in amounts from $10 to $45 through a lottery among the members of the Sui Network ecosystem. In December 2022, the Sui Foundation revealed the plans to dedicate over 50% of the total emission to the development of the project.

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