Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Joins NFT Initiative Stand with Crypto

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has released NFTs as part of the Stand with Crypto project, an initiative aimed at demonstrating the crypto community’s call for fair government policies regarding cryptocurrencies.

The token, in the form of a blue shield, symbolizes the collective effort to protect and promote the potential of cryptocurrencies, and can be acquired for free with no “intended utility or value”.

14,756 NFTs have been issued thus far in support of the initiative, and Coinbase donated 0.17 ETH to the standwithcrypto.eth address behind the project on March 24.

Participants are also invited to add an asset icon to their Twitter account name and join the Crypto435 initiative.

The public campaign was announced by Coinbase in early March, with the purpose of raising awareness and support for cryptocurrencies among politicians and regulators.

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