Atomic Wallet Hacker Sent Assets to Crypto Mixer Used by Hacker Lazarus Group

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More than $35 million worth of assets stolen in the Atomic Wallet hack is being laundered by the hacker through the cryptocurrency mixer, according to Elliptic researchers.

It was discovered that this service had been in use by North Korean cybergroup Lazarus Group before to launder around $100 million secure from the Axie Infinity hack and the attack on Horizon’s cross-chain bridge.

Although Elliptic did not disclose the amount of atomic wallet user assets sent to the mixer, they clarified that it had been converted into Bitcoin.

Additionally, was found to be almost an exact clone of the mixer, which was previously barred under US Treasury sanctions in May 2022.

Elliptic researchers are willing to work with both Atomic Wallet and other exchanges and crypto firms in tracking the stolen funds.

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