Uniswap v4’s Draft Code is Made Available to the Public

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Uniswap Labs has just released the early code for Uniswap v4 on GitHub.

Developers behind Uniswap state that they see it as financial infrastructure and as such it should be developed publicly with input and feedback from the community.

As part of the v4 version, hooks have been added which give plug-in capability and allow for new functions to be added to liquidity pools such as adjustable commission fees and order types.

To demonstrate what hooks can do, code for time-weighted average market makers (TWAMM), chain-based oracles and limit orders were shared.

As the variety of pool settings will cause an increase in diversity, the team included changes to the architecture in order move to this structure. In v3, a dedicated contract was created for each pool, whereas v4 introduces a singleton contract that offers significant gas savings.

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