Arbitrum Devs Launch Tool for Creating L3 Solutions

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Offchain Labs has released a new toolkit, called Orbit, which allows users to create their own Layer 3 (L3) blockchains using the software stack, on the Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Arbitrum Goerli testnet networks.

According to the developers, these custom blockchains have the capability to interact with each other, and the user can configure privacy, permission, tokenomics, and commissions.

A sandbox environment, the Orbit Devnet, has also been implemented, to securely test smart contracts and apps before they are deployed to the mainnet.

The main goal of the technology is to move towards a more decentralized future, reduce load on network cores, and increase throughput.

In June, the game-focused Xai project announced the launch of an L3 blockchain powered by Arbitrum.

The decentralized, data indexing protocol The Graph has also migrated to the Arbitrum network, to reduce transaction costs.

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