US Users Think Bitcoin Will Hit $69K: Survey

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Recent opinion polls have revealed a considerable surge in the enthusiasm of American investors towards the digital currency market.

This phenomenon is particularly notable among young individuals, who don’t only invest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, but also actively explore the crypto sphere online and on social networks.

CryptoVantage also conducted an investigation on the topic, which revealed that 25% of the US investors being surveyed held the belief that Bitcoin would return to the record-breaking mark of $69,000 by 2023.

They articulated that this strengthening would be gradual, nourishing over the span of five years. Moreover, a large majority of 78% of the participants have faith in the resilient growth of Bitcoin, while only 8% are in doubt that it’ll reach $69,000 ever again.

These proponents are convinced that the upcoming halving in 2024 will invite a more alluring investment prospect for the leading digital currency.

Furthermore, some investors are optimistic that Dogecoin and Binance Coin to potentially surpass that of Bitcoin in terms of capitalization. The main justification of this line of thought is based upon the depreciation of fiat money and increasing inflation.

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