UK’s Watchdog Will Check Worldcoin’s Activity

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is investigating the user verification process of Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project, according to Reuters.

“We have noted the launch of Worldcoin in the country and will conduct further investigations,” a representative of the department stated.

Worldcoin’s core product, the World ID protocol, is based on zero-knowledge proofs and enables people to identify themselves with a retinal scan or their phone number.

This has prompted the regulator to question the protection of user data since ICO rules require companies to undertake security checks when processing biometric data and to consult with the Office when identifying high risks.

When operating in the UK, organizations must have the necessary legal basis for processing personal data and a clearly stated user agreement.

“Worldcoin and [the developer company] Tools for Humanity adhere to the most stringent privacy policies and requirements in the markets where the product is available.

In some jurisdictions, we continue to evaluate local laws and regulations to ensure they are followed,” the project said.

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