User Returns $74M Blocked During ENS Auction

Reading Time: < 1 minute

darkmarket.eth has returned 39,712 ETH locked up in an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) auction.

He has moved those funds and another 63,734 ETH (~$119M) to a new wallet.

In 2021, ENS founder and lead developer Nick Johnson reminded darkmarket.eth and other users to get their protocol-locked assets back. He attached a special withdrawal link to the message.

In this message, Johnson noted that the old registry still contained thousands of unclaimed domains with tens of thousands of ETH locked away.

In August 2022, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sent 145,000 ETH from a wallet that had been dormant for the past three years, followed by another user who bought 8,000 ETH from the ICO transferring all of their funds to the same address, only days after 207 ETH were sent to the same address, inactive since 2017.

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