Human Rights Foundation Plans to Giveaway 20 BTCs

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The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has allocated 20 BTC (equivalent to approximately $600,000) to developers for their contribution in improving the Bitcoin protocol.

Of the ten tasks set for the bounty program, six are directed at advancing mobile wallets and the other four are for the support of decentralized networks, such as the open source design components for a Bitcoin project reliant on Figma proprietary software and a protocol for the end-to-end exchange of personal messages on Nostr without using servers through repeaters.

Each of these efforts will be rewarded with 2 BTC (approximately worth $60,000) from the Bitcoin Development Fund, an affiliate of HRF.

This bounty program is HRF’s attempt to grant more financial freedom to dissidents and human rights activists with the addition of Bitcoin to the Human Rights cause.

Director of strategy, Alex Gladstein, explains that such a venture is expected to enable expedited progress on new protocol features of Bitcoin.

The bounty program will conclude on December 31st, 2024. In the past, HRF and the BitMEX exchange have provided $150,000 to Bitcoin developer Calvin Kim in compensation for the alpha version of the Utreexo protocol, which effectively shrank the size of UTX.

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