Outflow from Crypto Funds Slows Down: Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute

CoinShares analysts has reported that from August 26 to September 1, the outflow of funds from cryptocurrency investment products fell from $168M (the maximum since March 2023) to $11.2M.

Trading volumes increased to $2.8 billion, while a net inflow of $165 million had remained since the beginning of the year. There was an outflow of $149 million from Bitcoin funds the week before, at which point the inflow resumed with investors increasing positions in the product by $3.8 million.

Clients have taken away $3.3 million from structures that allow opening shorts on the first cryptocurrency in the last 19 weeks, reducing AUM by 48%.

Ethereum funds suffered an outflow of $3.2 million while, on the opposite side, Polygon funds were sold for $8.6 million and the Solana fund received $0.7 million, showing an increase for nine weeks in a row.

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