Ethereum Devs Restart Holesky Testnet

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Holesky testnet, developed by the Ethereum blockchain team, was finally launched after a failed first attempt on the anniversary of the Merge update.

The initial deployment date was rescheduled due to errors in the genesis file, but this time it was a live launch on YouTube.

The team waited for the participation rate of validators to reach 66% to ensure a successful launch.

This new test network will replace Goerli and will be active until 2028, with an expected stop of support for Goerli in 2024.

Holesky will serve as a platform to validate staking solutions, assess infrastructure and protocols, and test scalability features.

It will stand out from existing testnets due to its significantly larger number of validators, allowing for more rigorous testing conditions.

This testnet will be crucial in preparing for the upcoming hard fork, Dencun (Cancun-Deneb), which the Ethereum team had already started generating update packages for in June.

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