Influx of Funds into Crypto Funds Exceeds $1B in 7 Weeks: CoinShares

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According to the latest CoinShares report, cryptocurrency investment products saw inflows of $293 million from November 4-10.

In total, over the span of seven weeks, inflows surpassed $1 billion. In overall inflows for the year, cryptocurrency investment products have reached a total of $1.14 billion, which is the third-highest annual figure in history.

In the past week, assets under management (AUM) have grown by 9.6%, and since January, they have seen a growth of 99%, reaching a total of $44.4 billion as of November 10. Out of the $293 million inflows, $240 million was invested in Bitcoin-related products, a slight increase from the previous week’s amount of $228.9 million.

In terms of trading activity, $7 million was withdrawn from structures that allow clients to open shorts on Bitcoin, compared to $4.5 million inflows the previous week.

Ethereum funds saw the largest inflow since August 2022, with $49 million invested (compared to $17.5 million in the previous reporting period).

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