Animoca Brands Becomes TON’s Largest Validator

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Animoca Brands, a Web3 games operator based in Hong Kong, has announced its strategic investment in The Open Network (TON) blockchain, making it the largest validator on the network.

This partnership also includes providing funding for TON Play-based gaming projects in the ecosystem. The decision to invest was made after conducting a thorough analysis of TON, which showcased its usability and scalability.

Additionally, analysts created a browser that displays key network metrics. The main aim of this collaboration is to ensure a smooth transition from Web 2.0 to Web3.

According to Justin Hyun, the Director of Blockchain Development, this investment is a crucial step towards the next era of blockchain-based gaming.

He believes that by integrating Web3 into Telegram’s daily experiences, especially in gaming, a broader audience can enjoy these games. On October 31, TON set a new world record by processing 104,715 transactions per second.

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