Solana CEO Says Users Are Not Interested in its Saga Smartphone

Reading Time: < 1 minute

On the Unchained podcast, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko discussed the need for a significant increase in user figures, from the current 2,200 to 25,000-50,000, in order to establish a solid user base for the Saga smartphones.

The team is actively training subject matter experts for the potential launch of new models. Saga, introduced by Solana Labs in June 2022, is equipped with Web3 functionality, making it a hardware wallet as well as a smartphone.

Yakovenko also addressed the issue of the SEC potentially classifying the SOL token as a security, stating that they have not received any direct accusations from the regulator and will wait for action by the US Congress.

While the SOL token has performed well in 2023, Yakovenko noted that there has not been a corresponding increase in the number of active developers in the Solana ecosystem.

However, the team has resolved previous issues with network outages and a lack of providers. In terms of potential collaboration with Ethereum, Yakovenko expressed openness to using it as a second-layer solution for Solana.

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