Institutions Prefer Bitcoin Investments: Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Based on research by Bybit, it can be concluded that institutional investors have shown the most interest in Bitcoin for 2022-2023.

As the safest cryptocurrency outside of stablecoins tied to traditional currencies, BTC remains a top choice for big capital. It is predicted that Bitcoin will continue to be the most appealing digital asset.

This is partly due to the expected launch of crypto ETFs investing in BTC on the US market in January, which has bolstered confidence among institutional investors.

On the other hand, interest in ETH has decreased, with hedge funds showing less interest after the Shapella Ethereum upgrade in April.

While institutional investment in ETH did increase in September 2023, their behavior suggests that traders have also begun to explore other altcoins with large and medium market capitalization, which saw significant growth last week.

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