Ripple Says G20 Countries Will Issue Their Own Tokens

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According to information provided by Ripple, it has been determined that 19 countries belonging to the Group of Twenty (G19) have taken the initial steps or are currently in the process of implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project.

These 19 countries represent approximately 98% of the world’s overall output.

Additionally, research indicates that there are approximately 130 other countries worldwide that have expressed interest in or are exploring potential options for creating their own national digital currencies.

Currently, the United States and European Union are in the research stage of evaluating CBDCs.

Ripple projects that in the next four years, major economies will begin issuing their own digital currencies.

They believe that CBDCs have the potential to not only address financial inclusion concerns, but also enhance the efficiency of payment systems and encourage innovation.

With over 20 central bank partnerships, Ripple is actively assisting in the launch of a platform for token transactions. According to the Bank of France, CBDCs will be a transformative force in the global financial system, opening up opportunities for both domestic and international payments.

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