Crypto Hedge Funds’ Income Experiences a 44% Rise

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In the span of one year, the value of Bitcoin has risen by approximately 150%, leading to a significant increase in income for hedge funds investing in digital currencies, with an average increase of 44%.

However, in 2022, the trend shifted and crypto funds suffered losses as the digital asset market was dominated by a bearish trend.

The bankruptcy of the FTX exchange and its subsidiaries in November 2022 also contributed to this downturn.

This resulted in a massive withdrawal of capital from funds focused on the cryptosphere following the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s empire.

Despite some improvement in market conditions in 2023, Bloomberg reports only a marginal increase in profitability.

The most notable successes were seen by Pantera Capital and Stoka Global LP, with their income rising by 80% and 268% respectively in the span of one year. Passive crypto funds showed an even greater increase in profitability, with a rise of over 260%.

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