A Physical BTC Wallet is Taken to the Moon

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Bitcoin is on its way to the moon, quite literally. Accompanied by astronauts, a crypto wallet holding 1 BTC is being transported on the lunar rocket Vulcan Centaur.

The spacecraft was launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and is expected to reach its final destination, the moon, in mid-February.

This trip has been organized by crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, with the goal of sending a physical Bitcoin to land on the moon.

The exchange first announced the plan on May 18, 2023, highlighting that the physical Bitcoin will also function as a crypto wallet holding at least 1 BTC.

BitMEX also announced that the Bitcoin wallet will have a public address, allowing anyone to add extra Bitcoin and witness its redemption once it is retrieved.

According to the exchange, the coin will be a registered payload on the Peregrine-1 spacecraft and will remain on the moon’s surface until someone collects it.

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