Blast Team Announces Testnet Launch

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Recently, Blast’s second-tier solution went live with a test network on January 16, and a developer competition was launched simultaneously.

The blocked network funds exceeded $1.3 billion and there were 103,000 active wallets, making Blast one of the largest L2 protocols, despite its invite-only system. Dubbed the “Big Bang” competition, its aim is to attract new developers to the project.

From January 17 to February 17, teams can compete for a special airdrop and the winning apps will be integrated into the mainnet at launch.

The judging panel will consist of the project’s main developers and other representatives from the crypto industry.

Blast was launched on November 22 and is a layer 2 network built on Ethereum, offering a potential passive income of 4-5% per year.

However, the lack of infrastructure was a concern among the community, which was addressed by Blast’s founder, known by the pseudonym Pacman, who outlined the steps to achieve high profitability on the platform.

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