North Korean Hacker Attacks to Crypto Platforms Fell in 2023

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According to Chainalysis, in 2023, hackers from North Korea stole approximately $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies through 20 hacks. In 2022, they were able to collect $1.7 billion through 15 cyber incidents.

Despite diversifying their targets, the hackers’ income has decreased due to improved security measures in DeFi protocols.

As a result, they have shifted their focus to centralized services and wallets. Chainalysis also noted that the hackers favored traditional hacking tactics such as phishing and social engineering.

The firm emphasized the importance of strengthening network security for cryptocurrency projects as attackers spend more time in targeted networks.

In a separate report, TRM Labs estimated that North Korean hackers were responsible for around $600 million in cyber incidents in 2023, accounting for almost one-third of all crypto-related attacks.

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