Taraxa Launches $10 Million Grant Program for its blockDAG Ecosystem

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Panama City, Panama, February 5th, 2024, Chainwire

The Taraxa Protocol Foundation has launched a $10 million Grant Program to drive growth in Taraxa’s unique EVM-compatible blockDAG Layer-1 ecosystem, after an overwhelmingly successful on-chain governance approval. 

The Taraxa Grant Program is open to any individual, team, and organizations of any type. Funds will be granted specifically for technical development with an emphasis on driving usage and growth within the Taraxa ecosystem, and are disbursed according to quantifiable milestones. 

Building on Taraxa presents a unique opportunity for developers to experience the benefits of the world’s first and only native EVM-compatible decentralized network built with the blockDAG architecture. Here are just a few of the reasons why builders should consider building the next big idea on Taraxa, 

  • An unique opportunity to Build on blockDAG: blockDAG is the next evolutionary step up from block-chain, able to achieve stunning throughput and low latency without sacrificing security and decentralization by enabling parallel block processing on the network instead of just one block at a time. 
  • True EVM Compatibility: any dApp that works on Ethereum just works on Taraxa, no need to learn new languages, frameworks, or tooling.
  • Fast & Low-Cost: with peak throughput of 5k TPS, sub-second block times, instant block inclusion, and under 4-second finalization, working on Taraxa is fast & smooth, with each transaction costing next to nothing.  
  • True Finality: zero risk of transactions being reversed, Taraxa’s True Finality guarantees that when a transaction is finalized (under 4 seconds), it is finalized forever. 
  • Front-Running Prevention: Taraxa’s architecture and speed minimize and fragment the network’s mem pool, making it almost impossible and definitively unprofitable for DeFi transactions to be targeted for front-running. 
  • Supportive Community: Taraxa’s community is highly engaged and the development team is helpful to a fault. Not only will the user be building on a network backed by the best technology in the world, but he will also receive the full support, attention, and participation from Taraxa’s community!

The upcoming Ficus Root Bridge in mid-2024 further strengthens the Taraxa ecosystem’s utility, asset diversity, and cross-chain liquidity. DeFi builders don’t have to worry about fragmented assets or liquidity, since they flow seamlessly between Ethereum and Taraxa. The bridge, coupled with Taraxa’s fast, low-cost and natively EVM-compatibility, make Taraxa a natural Layer-2 solution for dApps or consensus layer for rollups. 

Developers can apply to the Taraxa Grant Program today and pitch their ideas on how to creatively leverage decentralization to solve problems!

About Taraxa

Founded by two Stanford engineers in 2018, Taraxa is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform based on t-Graph consensus utilizing blockDAG, with many world-first technical innovations on top of the blockDAG architecture. After launching its mainnet in 2023, Taraxa represents the next evolutionary step in decentralized networks. 


Taraxa Protocol Foundation