MINER Token Suffers an Attack on its Smart Contract

Reading Time: < 1 minute

On February 14, it was reported that the team behind the MINER token, developed using the experimental ERC-X standard, discovered a vulnerability in their smart contract. This resulted in a loss of funds.

At the time of writing, the attack is still ongoing and the team claims that about 130 ETH (~$360,000) of liquidity has been withdrawn. The MINER team also stated that other contracts, including DN-404, have been affected by the same exploit.

In light of the situation, the MINER team advised users to avoid purchasing the token until the issue is resolved and mentioned that they are conducting an internal investigation.

Cyvers Alerts, a team of analysts, also reported suspicious activities in the MINER protocol, estimating the losses to be around $460,000. In just an hour, the price of MINER has plummeted by more than 60%, as reported by GeckoTerminal. The current trading price of the token is $8.

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