DEX Uniswap to Launch a Browser Extension

Reading Time: < 1 minute

DEX Uniswap has introduced three new tools to help simplify cryptocurrency transactions. The first tool, Uniswap Extension, is a wallet extension that can be accessed through the browser sidebar.

It allows users to easily make swaps, sign transactions and transfer assets without having to close multiple windows or navigate through tabs.

The second tool is the addition of limit orders on the platform’s web application. These orders will automatically execute the exchange when the token price reaches the set price.

However, if the price does not reach the set level within a certain period of time, the transaction will not occur. In addition, Uniswap has also enhanced their data and analytics by providing real-time charts and project information for assets and pools.

These features are now available to users, while the Uniswap Extension is currently on a waiting list. To join, interested users can apply for a uni.eth subdomain using the ENS infrastructure.

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