MetaWin Launches New Base and Arbitrum Layer 2-Powered Swap System, Boasting 2-Second Payment Speeds and Half a Cent Gas Fees

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London, United Kingdom, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire

MetaWin, the trailblazing platform for on-chain prize competitions, is delighted to announce the incorporation of the Base and Arbitrum Layer 2 (L2) blockchain networks into its on-site swap feature.

This ground-breaking update represents a significant milestone in MetaWin’s quest to deliver an unmatched gaming experience, offering faster transactions and substantially reduced fees for its users. By embracing the capabilities of the Base and Arbitrum L2 chains, MetaWin not only improves its platform’s efficiency but also solidifies its position as an innovator in the blockchain gaming industry.

The integration enables users to effortlessly deposit and withdraw funds on either chain or across chains, providing the flexibility to select the preferred network for receiving winnings. Transaction times have been dramatically slashed to just 2 seconds for inbound swaps and 20 seconds for outbound swaps, paired with gas fees as low as half a cent USD for swapping (theoretically) an unlimited amount.

The introduction of Base and Arbitrum L2 support signifies more than just an upgrade; it heralds a revolution. MetaWin takes pride in leading this innovation charge, offering a more accessible, affordable, and faster gaming experience. By mitigating the barriers associated with high transaction costs and slow processing times, MetaWin not only expands its user base but also fortifies the blockchain ecosystem.

“We are excited to lead the way in leveraging the latest blockchain technology to benefit our users,” said Rebecca Hanwell, Operations Manager at MetaWin. “The integration of Base and Arbitrum L2 chains underscores our commitment to innovation and our vision for a future where blockchain gaming is mainstream, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Given the remarkable results observed here, we will continue to integrate the remaining Layer 2 chains.”

This strategic update aligns with MetaWin’s ongoing endeavour to democratize access to on-chain prize competitions, ensuring that players worldwide can participate without the burden of exorbitant fees or sluggish transaction speeds. The decentralized competitions will also transition to leverage the L2 chains as early as next week.

As MetaWin continues to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in blockchain gaming, it remains steadfast in providing a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for its global community.

Users can try the new swap system by connecting their Web3 wallet to MetaWin

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MetaWin is the premier platform for on-chain prize competitions and instant win games, offering a diverse range of entertaining challenges for users to enjoy. By harnessing cutting-edge blockchain technology, MetaWin provides a transparent, fair, and secure gaming environment, making it the go-to destination for blockchain enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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