Total Value Locked in Liquid Restaking Platforms Reaches $8B

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The total value locked in liquid restaking tokens has almost reached $8 billion.

Protocols like Etherfi, Renzo, Kelp, Puffer, and others have experienced a significant surge in deposits in recent months. This surge is attributed to users choosing to leverage EigenLayer through these platforms, enabling them to retain access to their funds.

Among these liquid restaking tokens (LRTs), Etherfi leads with a TVL exceeding $3.2 billion, followed by Renzo with $2 billion and Puffer with $1.3 billion. Kelp boasts over $740 million in user deposits, while EigenPie holds a TVL of $328 million, and Swell stands at $265 million.

Smaller LRT protocols include Bedrock with a TVL of $145 million, Prime at $42 million, and ClayStack at $10 million.

Liquid restaking enables holders of liquid-staking tokens to stake their tokens on EigenLayer, contributing to its economic security. This differs from traditional liquid staking, where assets are staked through a service provider, and receipt tokens are received in return.

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