Gomble Games Raises $10M to Advance Web3 Gaming Vision

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Gomble Games, born from the renowned game studio ‘111%’, has secured $10 million in investment from global venture capital firms like Spartan.

This marks a milestone in merging gaming with blockchain technology. Gomble Games aims to bridge traditional gaming with blockchain, creating immersive experiences where players shape their worlds.

Their approach focuses on Dynamic Change, Reversal Opportunity, and Simplicity, fostering engaging gameplay and a sustainable economy.

Gomble Games plans to establish a participatory DAO, involving users and third-party developers in marketing and game production. Kelvin Koh of Spartan sees Gomble Games as pioneers in merging mobile gaming with web3, praising their technical expertise and understanding of the web3 gamer community.

With this funding, Gomble Games is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry, making it more enjoyable and rewarding for all.

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