Coinbase to List BRC-20 Token ORDI

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Coinbase International Exchange announced on April 5 that institutional clients would soon be able to access BRC-20 token ORDI and Worldcoin (WLD) perpetual futures.

These products will be listed on both Coinbase International and Coinbase Advanced starting April 11. ORDI and WLD have seen significant price movements and trading volumes in recent months, with ORDI experiencing a 1,640% increase from November 1, 2023 to a high of $87 on March 5.

The ORDI token is not officially associated with the Bitcoin Ordinals deployer or the Ordinals team, but is a separate BRC-20 token that draws its name from the Ordinals protocol.

Meanwhile, Worldcoin has quickly become a popular choice for crypto investors seeking exposure to the AI industry, with its price surging from $2.20 on February 7 to $11.70 on March 10.

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