London Mayoral Candidate Promises to Give Away £100 in LONDON Token if He Wins

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Brian Rose, a candidate for London mayor, has proposed to distribute LONDON tokens worth £100 to every city resident. He shared his plan on Instagram, stating that it would create a £1bn liquidity pool by implementing a one-time 1% income tax on financial institutions.

Rose’s goal is to turn London into a cryptocurrency-friendly city, where the new token can be used to pay for public transport, parking, council bills, and more.

He believes that LONDON tokens will provide citizens with a direct connection to their money, allowing them to store, earn, save, trade, and stake it on their phones via DeFi protocols. In an interview with The Block, Rose stated that if he wins the election, LONDON will be listed on popular exchanges.

He also intends to establish a financial education platform to help educate Londoners on wallets, crypto investing basics, and the benefits of blockchain technology. As an entrepreneur and former banker for 15 years, Rose understands that the lack of financial education is a major issue for Londoners.

He plans to address this by providing resources to help individuals understand the ins and outs of personal finance.

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