Sweden Tax Authority Requests $90M from Crypto Miners

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The Swedish tax authority, Skatteverket, has recently uncovered instances of underpayment by mining companies totalling nearly 1 billion kroner (over $90 million).

As a result of their investigation, it was found that 18 out of 21 companies studied had committed violations between the years 2020 and 2023.

According to Patrick Lillqvist, the head of intelligence at Skatteverket, the companies used a deliberate strategy to cover up their mining operations in order to receive tax benefits they were not entitled to.

This involved trying to pass off their activities as something else in order to avoid paying taxes. The majority of the identified violations were related to data center operators evading payment of VAT, resulting in an additional 932 million kroner being owed.

Another 58 million kroner was also collected from general fiscal payments.

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