Worldcoin Plans to Increase WLD Supply

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The digital identity project Worldcoin plans to significantly increase the number of its WLD tokens in circulation over the next six months, with a potential increase of up to 19%.

This will be done through a series of private sales to institutional trading firms outside of the United States, with up to 1.5 million WLD tokens, worth roughly $8.2 million, being sold each week.

This increase in supply equates to around 36 million new tokens hitting the market, currently valued at approximately $197 million.

This represents an 18.6% increase in the total supply of WLD tokens, which currently stands at 193 million.

Worldcoin aims to negotiate with these trading firms to sell the tokens at market price to minimize potential impact on the token’s value. Despite having a current market capitalization of $1 billion, the fully diluted value of WLD tokens is $54.5 billion.

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