SEC Files Final Reply in Lawsuit Against Ripple

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The legal conflict between Ripple Labs and the SEC has seen significant developments, as the SEC has filed its final reply in the remedies stage of the lawsuit.

The SEC has responded to Ripple’s arguments, which claim that the startup did not act recklessly and that there should be no uncertainty about the legal status of XRP, despite the “fair notice” defense being rejected by the court in a previous ruling.

The SEC also maintains that there is a possibility of Ripple engaging in similar actions in the future, despite not violating any rules since the start of the lawsuit in 2020.

In its response, Ripple tries to minimize its liability and highlight its cooperation with the SEC since the initial coin offering of XRP in 2013.

However, the SEC stresses that according to the law, even if Ripple has not violated any rules since 2020, there is still a possibility of future breaches.

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