Cristiano Ronaldo Launches a New NFT Collection

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Celebrity soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his fourth collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with Binance.

This new collection, to be released on Binance’s NFT Marketplace on May 29th, showcases significant moments from his legendary career.

In a statement on Binance’s blog, Ronaldo said, “I have traveled the world through my football journey, and I am grateful to have played for some of the most prestigious teams. Now, it’s your turn to join me on this journey.”

The exact number of NFTs in the collection is yet to be disclosed, and there is no information on pricing as of now. However, according to the blog post, the price will be the same for all “Normal NFTs,” while the “final Super Rare NFT” may have a different price.

Previous NFT events featuring Cristiano Ronaldo included special benefits such as a chance to play football with him for holders as part of the Binance promotion.

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