Donald Trump’s Crypto Asset Holdings Surpass $10M

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On Monday, May 27, former United States President Donald Trump briefly held over $10 million in crypto assets, with the majority of his holdings comprised of TRUMP tokens.

According to a report by blockchain intelligence firm Arkham, Trump’s crypto holdings surpassed $10 million on May 27, driven by the surge in value of the MAGA-themed memecoin, TRUMP.

This token reached an all-time high of $13.24 on that day. Arkham reported that Trump currently holds 579,290 TRUMP tokens, worth approximately $6.79 million.

The memecoin has seen a 53% increase in value over the past week, likely due to Trump’s recent endorsements of crypto. In a statement on May 25, Trump expressed a positive and open-minded attitude towards cryptocurrency and its related industries.

On May 21, Trump’s 2024 campaign launched a fundraising page where supporters could donate crypto.

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