Fidelity Executive: Investors Should Invest in BTC

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In a CNBC article on June 4, Matt Horne, the head of digital asset strategies at Fidelity Investments, emphasized the importance of allocating at least a small portion of one’s investment portfolio to Bitcoin, regardless of their stance on the decentralized currency.

Horne addressed the issue of analysis paralysis that many traditional investors and asset managers face when considering investing in Bitcoin and the digital asset market.

He acknowledged that unlike other asset classes, digital assets do not have a vast amount of historical data available for analysis. However, Horne believes that this should not deter investors from understanding the potential of Bitcoin and incorporating it into their portfolio.

According to Horne, even a small allocation of 1-5% can serve as a safeguard against potential risks, while also allowing for potential gains from the digital currency and acting as an inflationary hedge.

He emphasized the need to understand and consider the potential of Bitcoin, rather than getting bogged down by lack of historical data.

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