Binance’s Users Reach 200M

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Binance announced on June 8 that it had achieved 200 million users globally. No other exchange comes close to this number of users, although the reported figures are self-proclaimed.

In a celebratory manner, Binance shared on its social media platforms that reaching 200 million users is a significant milestone in their goal to onboard one billion users, which is equivalent to one in every eight people on Earth.

On their X post, Binance expressed their gratitude to their users, saying, “Today, we celebrate 200 million – and it’s all because of YOU! Your support is the driving force behind our journey to 1 billion users.

Cheers to our users – you are the stars of our story!” In just a year, from 2022 to 2023, Binance’s user count grew from around 130 million to 170 million.

And in the first half of 2024 alone, the exchange gained more than 30 million additional users. Based on the current growth rate, Binance is on track to hit 300 million users by 2026. This assumes that the trends for the company and the overall industry continue to remain the same.

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