Hacker Hacks Metallica’s X Account to Promote a Token

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The official X account of heavy metal band Metallica was recently hacked. The hackers used the breach to promote METAL, a Solana token, but the band’s team has since regained control of the account and removed all mentions of the token.

On June 26, Metallica’s X account posted about the token, falsely stating it was created in collaboration with Ticketmaster. However, the token was actually launched through pump.fun, a token deployer on the Solana blockchain.

Ticketmaster has not publicly announced any partnership with METAL and has yet to respond to inquiries.

In addition, posts from Metallica’s account wrongly claimed that financial technology company MoonPay was involved with the token, but MoonPay’s president Keith Grossman clarified in an X post that they do not support METAL.

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