Mt.Gox Moves Bitcoins Ahead of Payment to Creditors

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In the last few hours, there have been two transactions involving a number of wallets connected to Mt Gox. These transactions occurred right before the planned repayment of $9 billion of Bitcoin.

According to Arkham Intelligence, the transactions involved three wallets that were previously linked to the collapsed exchange.

The biggest transaction was for $24 worth of Bitcoin. The last time Mt Gox funds were moved on a large scale, they were mostly consolidated into three wallets.

During this transfer, a small amount of Bitcoin, around $24, was left in an intermediary wallet. In the recent transactions, this remaining Bitcoin was transferred to another wallet, which then sent the funds to Bitbank’s hot wallet.

The rest of the Bitcoin was transferred to a new wallet. Bitbank is one of the five exchanges that will be receiving the Mt Gox repayments.

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