MicroStrategy Invests Another $10M in BTC

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MicroStrategy, which as already made some important investments in the reference crypto in the past, has just unveiled on a SEC filing presented today that it has put another $10 million in BTC.

According to the document, the average price the company has paid for the bitcoins is $43,663 per unit. After this new purchase, the company BTC holdings amount to 92,079 Bitcoins (around $2.251 billion).

The company seems to be really interested in the asset, since just a week ago it invested another 15 million dollars in the cryptocurrency. 

The move comes just a few days after Elon Musk and Tesla grabbed headlines after the company allegedly sold its Bitcoin holdings. However, the Tesla CEO tweeted shortly after that the electric car maker had not sold any single Bitcoin.

While it is true Tesla has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, the company still keeps the Bitcoins it received from its clients, which it promised it would do.

MicroStrategy’s decision to buy Bitcoin now seems to be a way to support the leading crypto in these controversial times.

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