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UK’s FCA: Britons Increasingly Investing in Cryptos

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According to a survey conducted by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the country’s financial regulator, over 2 million adults hold cryptocurrencies in the country.

The results of the survey have shown that about 2.3 million British adults own some type of crypto assets, 400,000 people more than last year (1.9 million).

In addition, apart from the higher number of crypto holders, the amount of money they invest in cryptocurrencies has also increased from last year. Now, the average investment in cryptocurrencies is 300 pounds ($420), up from the 260 pounds ($370) of last year.

As far as crypto awareness is concerned, it looks like British citizens are now more familiar with cryptocurrencies than last year. Per the results of the study, 78% of adults have heard of crypto, while the percentage was 73% last year.

However, in terms of knowledge, it seems that fewer people can give a correct definition of cryptocurrency now than last year, since just 71% of respondents were able to do so.

The survey has also shown that British users are more familiar with Bitcoin than any other crypto, as 82% of respondents recognized Bitcoin.

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