Scammers Are Sending Fake Ledger Hardware Wallets to Steal Users’ Cryptos

Reading Time: < 1 minute

A group of scammers are using the data of some users of crypto hardware wallet Ledger leaked last year to run a scam.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, the scammers are allegedly sending users fake devices specially designed to steal their private keys, which they can use to take control of the victims’ funds.

It should be noted the scammers are trying to make the fraudulent wallets they send to users look like originals.

When the scam first came to light, it was discovered the scammers were soldering additional hardware to the case of the Ledger Nano S wallets and had wrapped them in a Ledger box.

Now, they are shipping the modified devices wrapped in a sealed bag with the Ledger logo and sealing the box itself so that users will not suspect the device has been modified.

Ledger has reported on its official blog the attackers are sending these devices along with a letter asking users to replace their old devices with the new ones.

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