Iran Stops Exporting Electricity Because of Miners’ Excessive Consumption

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The general manager of Iran’s electricity distribution company Tevanir, Abuzer Salihi, has just announced the company has stop exporting electricity to other countries to guarantee the supply of electricity to all Iranian citizens.

As a result, some nearby areas which relied on the energy imported from Iran are now suffering the consequences of the decision of the authorities of the country. For example, Herat, a province of Afghanistan, no longer receives electricity from Iran, which provided 70% of the electricity the province consumes.

The decision made by the authorities of Iran makes sense if we take into account that the daily electricity demand exceeded 65,000 megawatts while production is around 54,000 megawatts. The only possible result of this is a lack of supply as well as power outages.

While crypto mining become legal in Iran in 2019, the authorities have recently asked miners to stop their operations temporarily in order to avoid power outages.

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