Expert: The Stablecoin Market Will Grow to $1T by 2025

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The capitalization of stablecoins will grow from the current $115 billion to $1 trillion by 2025 despite the existing regulatory uncertainty, according to Matthew Gould, an early crypto enthusiast and head of the decentralized domain registrar Unstoppable Domains.

In addition, he believes that the stablecoin market could grow even more due to the popularization of DeFi apps. He said:

“The pace could be even higher. The larger the audience of stablecoins, the more users of the decentralized finance sector.”

He has also said that stablecoins have some inherent risks: the loss of peg to the underlying asset and volatility:

“With such growth, these questions are inevitable. You should not call yourself a $1-coin if you do not have $1 in your bank account.”

However, he is optimistic and is convinced that the elimination of regulatory uncertainty and growing competition will gradually neutralize these risks.

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